About Jorge “Gem” Duras

Jorge “Gem” Duras has been dancing tango for 20 years and teaching full time for 11. In 1990’s he started tango with Nora Dinzelbacher in San Francisco and studied with the original cast members of the famous show Forever Tango, in particular the legendary Carlos Gavito. He then visited Buenos Aires numerous times to study advanced technique, ballet and stage tango with younger Forever Tango stars Francisco Forquera and Jesus Velazquez.

Over many years he became familiar with the styles of such important and diverse dancers as Chicho Frumboli, Gustavo Naveira, Susana Miller, Javier Rodriguez, Osvaldo Zotto, Norberto “Pulpo” Esbrez, Geraldine Rojas, Carlos Rivarola, Juan Carlos Copes, Dana Frigoli and Milena Plebs. As a result he is able to teach and guide the students in various tango styles such as Salon, Milonguero, Nuevo and beyond.

He holds weekly classes throughout Connecticut and regularly travels to Buenos Aires to follow the current trends in tango.


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