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Stepping side or back?

This is the Tango Sueño Tip of the week from 2/9/2015. I am trying to emphasize this issue in classes as I see ever more frequently that some leaders are totally confused and unable to dance because of trying to avoid any back step.

Stepping Side: although the eight count tango basic and “la baldosa” pattern start with the leader stepping back, it is prudent and common to start the dance with a side step to avoid running into others, especially in a crowded venue. It is however important to interpret this convention correctly:

– It is OK to take other back steps during the dance, in fact necessary.
– It is OK to take back steps traveling towards the line of dance.
– It is important to prepare the follower for a side step, with a weight change.
– Even with a side step, it is better to count “one”, “two”, so that the basic or the baldosa stays with the same beat count.
– It is OK to practice with the back salida especially for beginners; this makes it easier to understand and repeat the pattern consecutively.