Fast or Slow?

This is the tip of the week I sent to my list on June 6, 2013. The way movements look in tango sometimes creates illusions about their speed and timing. Less experienced dancers try make all steps faster without realizing the differences in energy.

Tango Tip of the week: Fast or slow? The perception of speed in tango comes from sharp free leg movements. The steps themselves are not as fast as the front and back boleos (kicks). Guys, slow down your walk, control the pace of steps; hold additional beats. Ladies, in tango it is always better if you are late than early. If you are behind, you can still feel the upcoming figure. If you are ahead it is a lost step. Remember: walk slowly, embellish fast!

One thought on “Fast or Slow?

  1. Ron Tran

    Hi Gem,
    Great tip as always! I love to read your Tango Tip of the week and your blog page, it’s packed with many helpful technique and tips. Regarding “Fast or Slow”, I see many good dancers can analyze the beats the way he wants to control the movements instead of following music theory. Again, thanks for the info.


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