Milonga Etiquette

This is the Tango Sueño Tip of the Week from May 5, 2013

Tango Tip of the week: Milongas are for applying what is learned at class and enjoying a social atmosphere while dancing with others. As much as they are essential for improving your dancing, the social aspect is important. Therefore guys: at a milonga don’t keep leading a step continuously if it does not work regardless of who is at fault. It does not matter, the goal is to enjoy the dance. Ladies, if your partner does not dance perfectly please be patient and adapt to what he is doing, that is the art of the female in tango. Both parties: it is not appropriate to discuss steps or try to instruct your partner while dancing at a milonga. It is even worse to stop in the middle of the dance floor for that purpose. Discussions about figures and technique belong to classes and practicas!

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