Equally Compelling Styles

Here are the videos of two tango performances that are drastically different yet equally compelling and exciting…

Jesús Velazquez and Natacha Poberaj at a show in Buenos Aires:

Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda at a Tango Festival in Italy:

3 thoughts on “Equally Compelling Styles

  1. Laura Kara

    I’m always looking for Tango inspiration on youtube, and these two are fantastic! I love the classic tango style of the first one – just beautiful! Chico and Juana and one of my favorites! – I think of them as “beauty and the beast.” The years of experience the these two couples shine through the musicality of each distinct stlyle – and those legs!! Thanks for sharing Gem. Great blog!

  2. Joseph Barresi

    After my son death.my life change I always dance tango starded in 2005 .WheanI tangoI canfeel the beat music and passion of my feels ing All thing come out the sadness ,hurt,gult,put to feel it from my heart made me put more feeling into my body In a differt world put fealing throw my body Tango is a passion dance I am passion


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