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Tango Sueño Tip of the Week

In my weekly e-mail newsletters to my students I have been including small bits of information about tango since April 2013. These are in some ways an opinion, but also a result of many years of teaching a large number of students of various ages and backgrounds. They are also what I learned by visiting Buenos Aires and meeting many tango teachers and dancers; some legendary figures, some young rising stars.

Here is one of them from January, 2013, the rule for cruzada was mentioned by Gloria and Eduardo when I was in Buenos Aires several years ago:

Tango tip of the week: To Cross or not to cross? That is the question. For some reason, this simple tango idiom is sometimes unnecessarily blurred. The cross during the tango walk has deep roots in its origins. The rule is: Ladies when the man walks on your right, you (intend to) cross the following step. Guys if you walk outside partner keeping her on your right, expect your partner to cross and create the “cruzada”. And that is it! 

All the rest is secondary and unrelated: Turning the chest, going up, lifting, turning the foot, cross system, parallel? Forget it, remember the rule and think simple…